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Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

SPNEF: Sudurpaschim NRN Education Foundation

A good education is a foundation for a better life. Education is the only way to have a successful life. Education is the fundamental right of every child. Having an education helps people to access all of their other human rights. Education gives us chance to prepare for tomorrow and a way to deal with every situation.

SPNEF is planning to provide a complete blend of the right education for a good well-programmed environment with trained teachers so that children can learn easily in a better environment. 

SPNIDF-EF will create one of the leading brands in education industry (play school, high school, vocational/technical schools along with colleges for higher studies) that will be growing faster as an education entrepreneurship.

We at SPNIDFEF, offer franchise opportunities for extending our education chain (play school to college). The set-up cost is quite reasonable for upcoming entrepreneur who wants to own education business.

Franchise opportunities will be distributed as follows:

  1. Play School to Primary (upto class 5): For tier 4 towns
  2. Play Group to Upper Primary (upto class 8): For tier 3 towns
  3. Play Group to Secondary (upto class 10): For tier 2 towns
  4. Play Group to Higher Secondary (upto class 12): For tier 1 towns

Education sponsorship scheme: 

SPNEF aims education access to all class of children ranging from lower to higher class. We have also created a platform for needy children through sponsorship scheme.

When one chooses to help a child education in Nepal with SPNEF, he/she completely transforms the lives of children in the community. We at SPNEF strive towards making communities which are vulnerable & are not aware of the constitution & their rights including the rights of children. 

Your sponsorship empowers us to save the poor children in urban slums & rural villages from crimes like child trafficking, child labour and child marriage. When you sponsor a child, you help him/her become better citizen for a better tomorrow.

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