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Mr. Khageswor Bohora

Mr. Khageswor BohoraDirector

Mr.  Khageswor Bohora is an entrepreneur and former Board of Director and co-founder of Kanchan Development Bank Ltd. which later merged with NMB Bank Ltd. He is involved in several businesses in Nepal. He is also a board member of Hotel Opera- Mahendranagar, board member of Shiva Shakti Oil Store and Shiva Shakti Dhuwani Sewa. He is also chairman of Shiva Shankar Investment Pvt. Ltd. and Shivakala Paribahan Sewa Pvt Ltd. Similarly, he also chairs Kalang Hydro Pvt Ltd apart from being board member of Sanigaad Hydro Pvt. Ltd. and Vision Energy Pvt Ltd.

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