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Sudurpaschim NRN Investment and Development Fund (SP-NIDF) Ltd. is an investment company registered under the Company Act 2063(2006) of Nepal. With the aim of creating shared value for its shareholders and society, SP-NIDF aims to invest in various technically sound, financially viable and economically profitable projects, primarily in Sudurpaschim Province of Nepal.

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Ethics, Transparency, Responsibilty, Professionalism, Teamwork

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Invesment Fund

Investment fund is simply a platform that allows a group of investors to pool their money together with a predetermined investment objective under expertise of...

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Systematic Investment Plan

This is a special strategy for accumulating wealth over a period of time by investing regularly at regular interval of time in investment schemes.

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Tax Planning

Tax planning is a corporate term that is used to describe the process utilized by individuals and business to pay taxes in organized way.

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A truly successful enterprise is one that gives back to its local and regional economy. In fact, my belief that a company cannot truly consider itself to be successful unless it actively works towards bettering the community it lives in.

We take great pride in investing our own rich knowledge and experience in new commercial ventures, enabling people to realise their dreams, supported by our network. This network is designed to foster dynamic partnerships, creating unparalleled access to diverse expertise and tools. Complemented by our deep roots within...

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